There once roamed a Hanasaurusrex...

Design + Craft

Artist, designer, illustrator, crafter, big-time yarnbomber. I am available for parties, but consider yourself warned, I may just eat all the cake.

I live to create, out of the box, in the box. Maybe a box? I do possess an aptitude regarding the English language, I just really enjoy misspelling werdz in lowercase, werd. It's probably an authority thing, but I don’t like to dwell.

I also like, but am not limited to liking, pencils. pixels. triangles. sound. pen. acrylic. reading. rain. points. lines. wool. watercolor. paths. touch. shiny things. kawaii. cakes of all sizes. surf. not math. night. root beer. sk8. ribbon. sharp cheddar. photographs. neon. animals. tiny things—like baby animals. tacos. bugs. color. hot glue. reptiles too. writing. string. coffee. ukulele. pepperoni. fishes. light. billiards. and travel... and, oops, forgot grape soda.

Oooo grape soda… *diabolically tapping fingers*



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